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Originally Posted by velvetgrass View Post
So I have a question about Machine Head that maybe one of you veteran metalheads here can answer. So on the list of the many albums I have not had a chance to listen to, my older cousin let me borrow her two Machine Head CDs The Burning Red and The More Things Change... She says Machine Head is her favorite band.

Well anyways now I look at their first two setlists on the Mayhem tour (from and nothing from either album. Now for my questions: Are Machine Head known to completely skip those two albums in their sets? And is my cousin missing a lot of good music by them off the albums she doesn't have of theirs?
The problem with Machine Head and their setlists at both this Mayhem and the first Mayhem fest, is that their songs have gotten progressively longer with each album release. By choosing to play only recent stuff the band paints themselves in a corner and 5 songs is all they get in a 35 minute slot. I get that the band is happy with the success of the last few albums, but for fuck sake do you really need to play 3 songs from The Blackening? Play one song from each to represent the album and they would be getting 7 songs instead of the 5 that they currently get. No Burn My Eyes or The More Things Change represented is BULLSHIT!

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