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I rarely judge people on the way they look. When you look at me, you don't think Metal drummer. When I see a kid in a slipknot shirt, I don't automatically think, retard.

Sure there are a lot of retarded, emo, Hot Topic, Slipknot fans, but that doesn't mean all of them are. Hell my old Metal cover band used to do Slipknot and KoRn covers, and I was the youngest guy in the band by 15 years. (I'm 22 BTW). On the flip side we used to cover Sacred Reich, Suicidal Tendencies and Metal Church. I also have firends who adore Slipknot, but will go with me to see Dream Theater or Iced Earth anytime. Music is music.

Case in point, it's the person that sucks. The image only gives that illusion until you know them better.
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