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Originally Posted by The Ghost at Number One View Post
Definitely not counting on anything. Actually, I'd rather see more stuff from Colony. Ordinary Story and Coerced Coexistence would be THE SHIT.
Agreed. They did actually bust out Coerced Coexistence in 2009 for at least one of the festival shows before the fall US tour, and Ordinary Story was played festival season 2008 but not since.

I do like that the last two times iv'e seen them they've thrown some clayman gems in (square nothing, satellites, clayman) but still, two times seeing them with Embody the Invisible and the Hive being the only songs from those respective albums is bad.

I can take no jester race, but 10 years ago who would have thought my biggest worry would be not ever hearing episode 666, colony, ordinary story, or jotun live.
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