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Originally Posted by The Ghost at Number One View Post
Not sure why you put this in quotes. Sometimes, unfortunately, songs simply don't work in a live setting. As much as I'd love to hear certain songs live, I'd rather bands keep those that don't work out of the set, as opposed to leaving them in for what seems like an eternity. Come Clarity is a fine example, and I've always thought Nothing Else Matters isn't exactly a live gem...though it's nice to see Metallica's finally taken it out for the last few Big 4 shows.
I put that in quotes because I remember watching/reading an interview with Anders where he stated in those exact words that that was the reason they didn't play that song

In a recent interview with metalsucks, Bjorn talked about how they didn't think the Jester Race material worked well live, and to each his own, but god dammit they need to play material from this album as it was one of their benchmark releases
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