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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Please select from the following list of comments:
  • Repeat after me: "I typed the above comment because I saw someone else do it on the interwebs and they seemed cool, so I wanted to be like them."
  • Yeah, you're right. The Joshua Tree was utter dogshit.
  • Yeah, you're right. Achtung Baby was utter dogshit.
  • What the fuck would you know about it? War was released eight years before you were even fucking born!
  • Apparently you've never seen them live, which is what 90% of the fuss is about U2 nowadays (even though they're still writing some damn good songs in the modern era).
  • Without looking them up on the interwebs or cheating by some other means, name three songs from War that aren't "Sunday Bloody Sunday" or "New Year's Day". Go ahead. I triple dog dare you.
Then, please fuck off out of this thread. Have a nice day.
I wanted to see what reaction I'd get, and this was way better than I expected! I deserve it all.
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