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Given them about two and a half hours, probably very unrealistic setlist
but this IS what I'd want to see from them if I were to see them a
third time.

Intro (The Ecstasy of Gold)
1. Dyers Eve
2. Holier Than Thou
3. The Unnamed Feeling
4. Leper Messiah
5. ...And Justice For All
6. The Frayed Ends Of Sanity
7. King Nothing
8. The Four Horsemen
9. Trapped Under Ice
10. To Live Is To Die
11. Bleeding Me (Intro/Chorus) + Ain't My Bitch
12. Disposable Heroes
13. Fight Fire With Fire
14. Master Of Puppets
15. Through The Never
16. The Thing THat Should Not Be

Encore 1
17. Damage Inc.
18. The Judas Kiss
19. One

Encore 2
20. The Wait
21. The Call Of Ktulu
22. Whiplash
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