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Originally Posted by The_jman View Post
Megadeth needs to bring back tornado of souls... my personal favorite of theirs.

a nice metallica set, but its too predictable metallica is supposed to switch it up more than that.
TOS has been a staple since that album came out. It's only over the last little while they haven't been doing it. I think they've decided to do PWTC instead and give TOS a break. A very uneven trade though considering Tornado is one of their best songs and Poison isn't even close to that.

As for Metallica, I mentioned on another thread that I think the reason they're only switching up a couple songs a show is because it's a short tour. They aren't even doing ten shows this summer so they're not gonna get that bored of the set right away.

Besides with a set list that great why would you wanna change it up
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