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Amazing show

I was lucky enough to see them on this Sao Pauloīs show at the balconies right in front of the stage.... Of course, Iīm a mosh pit guy, but was not a bad feeling seeing them so nicely.
About the set list, cīmon guys.... I totally understand people talking about the medium song Bloodline... but the WPB songs are just fantastic!!!! THE BEST ALBUM AROUND SINCE SEASONS.... PERIOD!!!! And I just canīt descibre the feeling of seing Ghost of War... SHIT!!!! I still have my head banging!!!! the songs I really missed was At Dawn and maybe Live Undead, otherwise, it was one of my favorites shows so far!!! The motherfuckers are living legends... how can someone complain about one of two songs and judge their whole show??? Sorry... but FUCK YOU!!!

I saw them last year in Minneapolis US, American Carnage tour... great show too!!!! Even thou I donīt like some of the Seasons songs, Temptation for example, the idea of playing the whole record was fantastic!!!!!

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