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I dont like Liturgy, I dont really give a shit about them being hipsters, but I am annoyed by them in the same was Christian "punk" music pisses me off. Black metal is the only genre of metal that is completely dependent on its own ethos, image etc. Death, thrash, heavy, doom, whatever can exist in a whole range of themes and ideologies, but black metal without the deep seeded darkness simply isnt black metal. Now, musically people should be free to play whatever they want, but it feels like a bastardization of what black metal is supposed to be to have someone remove an integral part of the genre and then claim to be doing it the "right way." I don't agree at all with most black metal politics and worldviews, but I think they are absolutley essential, just like the punk mentality was essential to hardcore. One without the other just isn't the same. Plus have you seen what they look like? Fuckin hipsters.
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