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Soundgarden -- Wantagh, NY -- July 9th, 2011

I got to the venue and bought some shitty overpriced food. On a small stage by the merch booths they had a Pearl Jam Cover Band. They weren't that bad. Me and My friend went to our seats and after a while Coheed and Cambria came on. I was never a fan of these guys. The only song I recognized was Welcome Home which I remember they played last. At about 8:45 Soundgarden took the stage.


1. Searching With My Good Eye Closed
2. Spoonman
3. Gun
4. Jesus Christ Pose
5. Blow Up the Outside World
6. My Wave
7. The Day I Tried to Live
8. Ugly Truth
9. Hunted Down
10. Fell on Black Days
11. Rusty Cage
12. Outshined
13. Beyond the Wheel
14. Black Hole Sun
15. Burden in my Hand
16. Superunknown
17. 4th of July


18. Hands All Over
19. Loud Love
20. Like Suicide
21. Slaves & Bulldozers

Soundgarden played for about 2 hours and they sounded great the whole way through. People have been praising Chris Cornell on this tour for still having the great voice and I am proud to be able to confirm this. Chris seemed to be really into it the whole show and even jumped in the crowd during Hunted Down. All in all it was a great show.
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