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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
so who makes lamer setlists, Megadeth or...pretty much any band ever?
All Below are between the ranking of and ... Choose your sides...
Skin o' My Teeth
Poison Was the Cure
How the Story Ends
Angry Again
Tornado of Souls
A Tout Le Monde
Public Enemy No. 1

Megadeth being my rotating Number 1 band, I am still very impressed with the sets they put out. Sure Endgame got the shaft and it's a great album, but it came out during a time of change for the band... Not like the fans are forgetting how good it was. But when most the set is great, how can you say they are making lame sets? I have never heard live Angry Again, How The Story Ends, or the New song... And every time I see them, there is a rotation of songs not heard on the last tour, so all is well for me as a big Megadeth fan.
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