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So this is by no means an accurate list as it would probably change on a day to day basis. This is basically the general gist of what I typically listen to. I'm also not doing this in order since I can't choose. The majority is metal, but there's a couple non-metal stuff that I listen to as often, if not more, than others. Most of you will probably recognize most of these, but hopefully some won't and will check them out. And so it begins:

Abigail Williams - In The Shadow of a Thousand Suns

This is a great album, and pretty exciting. I don't think I've heard another album with the same sound as this. With Trym Torson's drumming on the majority of it and Ashley Ellyllon's keys, it makes for a great record. Ken Sorceron is a pretty good songwriter, and from what I understand on Facebook, he's a pretty cool guy. I think that many people tend to overlook this band because of their -core past, but this is definitely worth the listen.

Favorite Tracks:
The World Beyond, Empyrean: Into the Cold Wastes, The Departure
5/20: Rotten Sound
6/10: Torche
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