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1. "Beginning of Bloodshed" (Intro) -
2. "Medical Execution" - ... re=related
Here is our Music Video to "Medical Execution":
3. "Undying Bloodthirst" - ... re=related
4. "Crushed and Splattered" -
5. "Ripped by the Rabid" -
6. "Sadistic Slaughter" -
7. "Gutted for Consumption" -
8. "Zombie Ritual" (Death Cover) -
9. "Massacres Unleashed" -
10. "Mass Dismemberment" -
11. "Zombie Slaughterfest" -

Hope you guys enjoy our Album!!! It was released February 19th, 2011. Few tracks have been on youtube for a long time but we decided to put the rest of the album up! Make sure to watch our Music Video for "Medical Execution that we posted. If your a fan of Horror movies, Gore, Sex, and Torture then this Music Video is definitely for you!!! Tell us what you think! 2ND ALBUM IS IN THE PROCESS OF BEING WRITTEN AND WE WILL GO INTO THE STUDIO EARLY-MID 2012. STAY ALERT YOU BRUTAL MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!
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