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Carcass - Heartwork

Of course the pioneers of grind and goregrind would make one of the first, and one of the best, melodic death metal albums. Pound for pound, I thought Carcass was always a better melodeath band than straight up grind. Love 'em both, but yeah. I love Jeff Walker's voice so much on this album. It's definitely a step backward in terms of intensity (I mean their first demo was Flesh Ripping Sonic Torment, you can't get more extreme than that) but they make great use with the slower tempo for some pretty awesome guitar solos.

Fave songs: Heartwork, Arbeit Macht Fleisch, Doctrinal Expletives
10/04 - Witchaven (?)
10/05 - Ghost
10/07 - Norma Jean (?)
10/12 - Negura Bunget
10/13 - The Sword (?)
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