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Originally Posted by x-voltage View Post
Hey guys, Powermaiden's "top 100 albums that changed my life" thread inspired me to make a top albums list. Great list by the way Powermaiden. These are my personal favorite albums from 2000-2010.

43. It's Nothing Personal-Bury Your Dead
42. Venom and Tears-Throwdown
41. This Darkened Heart-All That Remains
40. All Hope is Gone-Slipknot
39. Educated Horses-Rob Zombie
38. Sworn to a Great Divide-Soilwork
37. Archetype-Fear Factory
36. Horror Show-Iced Earth
35. The Crusade-Trivium
34. Gone Forever-God Forbid
33. Formation of Damnation-Testament
32. The Allstar Session-Roadrunner United
31. Mafia-Black Label Society
30. Supremacy-Hatebreed
29. Ascendancy-Trivium
28. Endgame-Megadeth
27. 1919 Eternal-Black Label Society
26. Motograter-Motograter
25. Sinister Urge-Rob Zombie
24. Death Magnetic-Metallica
23. Digimortal-Fear Factory
22. Vol. 3-Slipknot
21. End of Heartache-Killswitch Engage
20. Train of Thought-Dream Theater
19. Perseverance-Hatebreed
18. The Infection-Chimaira
17. Retribution-Shadows Fall
16. Through the Ashes of the Empire-Machine Head
15. Ashes of the Wake-Lamb of God
14. Way of the Fist-Five Finger Death Punch
13. As the Palaces Burn-Lamb of God
12. Iowa-Slipknot
11. Reinventing the Steel-Pantera
10. Chimaira-Chimaira
9. War Within-Shadows Fall
8. Shogun-Trivium
7. Fall of Ideals-All That Remains
6. Stabbing the Drama-Soilwork
5. Resurrection-Chimaira
4. Mechanize-Fear Factory
3. The Impossibility of Reason-Chimaira
2. Alive or Just Breathing-Killswitch Engage
1. The Blackening-Machine Head

there's a lot I could say here, but first thing that comes to mind is, how can you have two soilwork albums on this list and neither one of them be either natural born chaos?

stabbing the drama? really? I love that album too but it doesn't hold a candle to natural born chaos IMO.

also not sure trivium's the crusade belongs on anyone's top anything list. Just my opinion. I enjoy that album as well, but best of the decade? not hardly.

granted I know my list would get me shit too, in fact it did when we voted on this stuff in the beginning of 2010. So I admire you for putting your opinions out there and taking the heat of disagreement.
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