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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
If you read the entire post that's exactly what I said. I used the #1 rated metal setlists album of 2010 as my example. Most people on here loved that album and I can barely listen to it.

Actually I think those 2 albums make an interesting comparison. What makes The Blackening so incredible to me is the riffs. I don't find the songs too long at all when there are interesting time changes and great riff after great riff. Sprinkle in some bad ass solos and interesting, cool lyrics and I'm all about it. Now I Lay Thee Down is one of my favorite songs in the last 10 years and is nothing like the rest of the album. It's probably the only song that reminds me of Burn My Eyes on the entire cd. I remember hearing some of these songs live and being totally blown away. Halo for instance is incredible live.

Nothing makes a song seem too long like a boring 2 minute intro or dumb lyrics. When you add a boring intro to almost every song it becomes tedious and makes you despise certain songs or just FF'd through the beginning of every song. There isn't a FF moment on The Blackening to me...
that's interesting, I actually liked some of the long intros on TFF, see mother of mercy, starblind for reference...
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