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Ok, I'll try and remember everything I had down, since I'm bored and have nothing else to do. Here are my impressions of the bands. I'll rank them from worst to best, how I feel about them:

5.) Sumatra
I'll give it to them, they're talented musically. There was a solid solo shredding there, but in the end, that was about it. They tried to fit too many ideas into the song. Mindless breakdowns? Technical shredding? Screaming over the whole thing? Once I got done with the song, I couldn't recall a single hook or riff I just heard. Same thing happened to me when I tried to listen to Within the Ruins and The Red Shore; I can't stand bands like that. Its just a sign of not bearing a single ounce of songwriting ability. Oh, and:


4.) Arkona
LAWL wut? I mean, I like folk metal, but this is too folk-y for me. I'll admit, they gave me a good laugh, but this doesn't do anything for me. I like the harder, more metal folk music, like Finntroll or Ensiferum. Nothing made me hate them, and nothing made me like them, so I'm indifferent. Eh.

3.) Taking Your Last Chance
Ok, I have to get this out of the way: that name sucks. So bad. Like, it sucks harder than a Monica Lewinsky in the oval office. They can join the ranks now of decent bands with terrible names, like Miss May I and MyChildren MyBride. And I realize that this band isn't original, super talented, or special. And vocalist, LOOK AT WHAT I WROTE FOR #5.

But thats about all the bad I can find here. Right off the bat of all 4 songs I checked out by them, they play great, mindless, grab your guts breakdowns that I enjoy. When I listen to deathcore, this is what I want: to relax, not have to focus, and hear some kind of groove. Potential work-out music for me, if the vocalist wasn't so goddamn annoying. I'll keep my eyes on these guys.

2.) Ease of Disgust
Eh, not a fan of that band name either. But these guys are full of crazy good potential! I have 2 main problems with them: vocalist's highs are terrible, and should be shot down and stopped, and they have breakdowns. Yeah yeah, I like my breakdowns, but in their music, they just felt uninspired and out of place, like they were forced to write them into the music. I mean their BREAK-breakdowns, when the music changes pace. I feel like if they cut those out, they would be an awesome brutal death metal band, and keep in the faster, groovier breakdowns-in-tempo, like Benighted or Suffocation. What they need is a good producer to guide them with this, and they have a good chance of being a truly great band.

1.) Katelepsy
Gentlemen, we have a winner. This band is fucking AWESOME. I love it. This isn't a deathcore band; no no no no no. This is a straight up nasty, dirty, unfiltered, gory, violent, moshworthy deathgrind slam band. From the raw production, to the burped vocals, to the must-mosh-now slams, this band is great. I'd want to see them live way more than the other bands here. And the sad thing is they're probably the smallest band here, lacking the popularity or catchiness or "I'm gonna try and sound like the vocalist from Suicide Silence" of deathcore bands nowadays. Keep it up!
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