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Originally Posted by velvetgrass View Post
Um, I've never heard Wherever I May Roam on the radio. Milwaukee really doesn't have any good metal stations. The only Metallica songs I've ever heard on the radio are Enter Sandman and the Turn The Stone cover. I understand where you guys are coming from if you guys actually grew up in the 80s/90s when Metallica was on the radio all the time. But for the newer fans (not the new music, I mean getting into them newer) we didn't hear those songs over and over again like a lot of you metal veterans so we're not sick of them yet. And you guys are telling me that Battery shouldn't stay in the setlist? WTF
Yeah here in St. Louis we don't have any metal stations either. Metallica is one a the few true metal bands that gets radio play on "rock" stations. And they always play the singles from The "Black Album" Load and Reload mostly. You'll hear Master of Puppets and One every so often.
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