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Originally Posted by hellawaits77ny View Post
Yeah, it is a bummer they aren't doing much from Endgame. Seems like they're doing away w/ it, much like Metallica seems to be doing w/ Death Magnetic.
They did away with Endgame awhile ago and with the new album coming out, I wouldn't expect anything from it too often from now on. Headcrusher will make it in but don't count on anything else. I honestly think DC/TDWF should have become a set staple for years to come with them. It's a shame it's hasn't been played in like a year and a half.

I like Megadeth's set here but it would be cool if they switched something up somewhere. But a lot of bands are just set in their ways when it comes to how they do their sets and no amount of complaining is gonna change that. If it did work, Megadeth would surely be doing something different by now.

I still give them credit for doing all of RIP last year. That was a bold step for a band that is not known for taking too many with their sets.
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