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Originally Posted by velvetgrass View Post
I love Dream Theater, but I'm not the biggest fan in the world because I don't have four of their albums (When Dream And Day Unite, Falling Into Infinity, Metropolis Pt. 2, & Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence). They weren't at the library so that's why I don't have them but I hope to buy them in the near future. So I actually only know 8 songs from this setlist including the new one On The Backs Of Angels.

I am really happy to see These Walls, Forsaken, and The Count Of Tuscany in this setlist. I know you guys are going to diss me on this one because it's a "mainstream" song but I wish Panic Attack was in this set. It would also be great to see Sacrificed Sons, A Rite Of Passage, Prophets Of War, and Metropolis Pt. 1: The Miracle And The Sleeper sometime this tour.

But putting my criticisms aside, this setlist is great. I like that they're including deep cuts for the hardcore DT fans and playing a set that spans their whole career. BTW, what's Mike Portnoy doing now that he's not in DT and A7X? The last I heard he was in a Beatles cover band called Yellow Matter Custard.
He's got 2 bands that are putting out albums in the near future, one with Adrenaline Mob featuring Russell Allen of Symphony X (Groove Metal) and one band that is currently unnamed featuring Neal Morse, Steve Morse, Dave LaRue and Casey McPherson.

He also has a project he will be recording drums for in 2 weeks that in completely unknown except for the fact that Eddie Trunk is getting a huge hard on for it, so my guess is that he is the new drummer of U.F.O.
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