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I'll tell you the ones I remember for Judas Priest only because I did not pay attention to the Queensryche shirts. They had short and longsleeve Angel Of Retribution shirts, a British Steel cover shirt with tourdates, a Screaming For Vengeance babydoll shirt for the ladies, a hoodie that I believe had some symbol from the new album which I can't remember right now (But for $65 I decided to pass) and an "all-over" Angel Of Retribution design T-shirt in gray and black with the JP logo and their symbol on the back which I overpaid $45 for! I believe all of the regular T-shirts were $35, longsleeves were either $40 or $45 and as I said my all-over was $45.

Concert shirts ARE way overpriced nowadays but I usually give in if I really like the shirt
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