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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
Where did I say that only the first four albums are sacred? I don't see that statement in my post anywhere. I was just knocking their two worst albums and giving praise to their four best ones. TBA, Reload and DM are all good albums. It's just most of Load and all of St. Anger are garbage. Every band has bad releases and those two happen to be Metallica's.

Metallica does do a good variety in their sets and that's one of the things I love about them live. But to think that something like TSW would somehow make the set after 20 years isn't oustside the box thinking, it's crazy thinking.

I'd love to see Escape, EOTB, TFEOS, THTJB or Fixxxer in the set but honestly I know it's not gonna happen and you move on. It's not worth complaining over because it's not gonna change the bands thinking.

No, i'm not an official ambassador. But i've been a fan of the band for over 20 years. When you've been a fan for that long you get a good idea of what the majority of the fanbase is like and what they want to hear live.

Metallica can't play every song they've recorded live but i'd like to think by now that they've established that they do enough variety live that people would stop complaining about "why don't they do this or that instead". I guess people are gonna say that no matter what, even though they change the set on a nightly basis.

It's not a piece of crap album, it's an album from a band that did what they wanted (they still do, ain't that right Lou Reed) and sold even more records.

And if you want to hear a true piece of crap album, put on "God hates us all" from Slayer. It's been 8 years since I last listened to it and I won't ever put it on again.

Why not starting your own band? And play 25 years for 100 people or less, like Anvil?
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