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Judas Priest -- St.Paul, MN -- June 1st, 2005

Well, my neck is pretty sore right now but it was all worth it! This was a fantastic show

I've never been a big fan of Queensryche so I'm going to apologize to all of the fans searching for their setlist right now, because I'm not going to be able to help you out. They sounded good though and I would imagine anyone who is a fan would have enjoyed their set. Most of the stuff they played was alot heavier than their newer material so I'm guessing they were mostly playing their older songs. The only one I recognized was "Empire" which sounded excellent. Again, I'm not a fan but they were perfectly acceptable as an opening act.

The reason I was there (obviously) was Judas Priest and they definitely did not disappoint! In fact they sounded even better than last years performance at Ozzfest

Rob sounded fantastic to me and was hitting just about all of the high notes that I have heard he hasn't been lately. He sang "Exciter" an octave lower than the album (which I had heard he's been doing) but I can overlook that. The highlight of the show for me was getting to hear "Hellrider" for the first time. That one absolutely destroys live and (believe it or not) sounded even heavier to me than it does on the album Other definite highlights were "Touch Of Evil", the acoustic version of "Diamonds And Rust", "Painkiller", oh hell it was all good

The sound was excellent and I have to say it was one of the louder shows I have been to in the past few years. My ears were ringing for HOURS after the show. KK and Glen were nearly flawless (which wasn't a big surprise) and after last nights show I can honestly say they are my favorite guitar duo. Scott Travis is easily the best drummer Priest have ever had which we all knew anyway. He can "Deliver The Goods" (Pun intended!) live and was fun to watch. I could actually hear Ian this time around (Couldn't at Ozzfest) and he's a solid live bassist to say the least. I really liked his tone for the solo riff at the beginning of "Revolution", which by the way sounded MUCH better live than it does on the album.

The setlist was exactly the same as it was for their Ohio show which doesn't really bother me. There are always going to be songs that do not get played by a band with that extensive of a catalog. My minor complaint is I really wanted to hear "Worth Fighting For" which is one of my favorites from "Angel Of Retribution" and I was slightly disappointed that they didn't fit that one into the set especially since it was played in Japan. Maybe they didn't care for the way they played it there Either way though I still absolutely loved the show.

I thought the show was phenominal overall and cannot wait to see the Metal Gods again on the second leg of the tour


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