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Originally Posted by Maideneer View Post
Am I the only person in the world who is saddened on a nightly basis that 0 Load songs make it into the set? This setlist is half good anyway, if they are going to insist on playing black album songs, at least make them good songs, The Struggle Within for example.
Load is a peice of crap album. The band has come to realize this and the majority of the fans have known this for a very long time now. When most of your fanbase doesn't like the album, just like Shit Anger you avoid playing anything off it.

Plus, there's too much older material that needs to be represented so the few songs off Load that are actually worthy of playing don't have a shot to begin with.

My favorite thing on this site is when someone complains "why don't they do this song" and it turns out to be a songs the band has never played live ever. TSW is an ok tune but I wouldn't want to hear it live because it's not a sinifigant song to their catalog and it would just be taking up a spot where something better from the first four albums could go.
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