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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
I get why they come here... but why are you people going there?

Originally Posted by Triggz View Post
Also, just because I don't think it's currently known on THIS forum...

Bianca (Zombieflavoredcupcakes) on the right.
Originally Posted by logAnarchy View Post
Don't worry, Ben. Its just good photoshop skills. No girls exist like that on the internet. Hell, Razor is probably an imposter also.

Originally Posted by Triggz View Post
Long story for me. In a nutshell... drama on the Mayhemz... I wanted something with an almost exclusive music focus.\

EDIT: Wrong quote, too lazy to fix.
Well, welcome to the club! As long as you're cool, and respectful I guess, and not full of conspiracy bullshit, then you'll fit in here. Be warned: there are many metal elitists here, but they're mostly cool. And if you aren't an Anaal Nathrakh fan yet, it is required for you to start liking them.
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