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This was a really great show. Show of the year so far for me. Every band played really well. My only gripe I could say was the lack of Neonate, and knowing that I'll have to wait at least another year to see it live.

Cormorant had this sweet deal where you got a shirt, poster, sticker, and CD of your choice for $20. I ended up getting the Metazoa shirt and The Last Tree. I talked to Arthur for a bit and just told him how much I love his music and the bass work on Metazoa. Something a little awkward though was after I got all my merch, I meet up with my buddies who were sitting at a bench and after I put all my Cormorant swag down I noticed that my $20 bill was still in between my shirt and CD, so I rushed back to the Cormorant table and gave Arthur the money. It was kinda weird because he didn't recall taking the bill, but didn't want to feel like he was taking my money, but I assured him that it was the $20 they I intended to pay and accidentally forgot too . He ended up giving me a couple extra stickers.

All in all, amazing show and I can't wait to hear the new Cormorant album. Cenotes I'm looking forward to listening to again when it comes out in October.
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