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Highly praised as one of the best metal albums of all time, Rust In Peace is Megadeth at its finest. There's not much to say what hasn't been said before, but this album just rips from start to finish, from the quintessential Megadeth classic "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due" to the nuclear warhead anthem, "Rust In Peace... Polaris." As usual with Megadeth, the musicianship is top notch and lightyears ahead of their peers. Mustaine's riffs are some of the most technical and complex in thrash, yet are still memorable and catchy. David Ellefson's basslines are solid and pretty unique as well, the best examples being "Five Magics" and "Poison Was the Cure" (his little solo run in "Take No Prisoners" is pretty sick, as well). The album also marks the debut of guitar virtuoso Marty Freidman and drummer Nick Menza in Megadeth. Friedman's leads on this album are among the best in metal history, the most known one being "Tornado of Souls." Menza's drumming is excellent and precise and fits perfectly with the songs. Props to Mike Clink and Max Norman for producing and engineering the album, respectively. The album has a classic and truly timeless sound. Megadeth have always been one of the most unique bands in metal, and Rust In Peace is their crowning achievement. It's a damn shame I couldn't get into their set last summer when I saw them play the whole damn thing in its entirety...
Standout Track
Holy Wars... The Punishment Due
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