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Originally Posted by The_jman View Post
Country Song (I love this song too, and I also really enjoyed it live, it was a fun song and the whole crowd was clapping. My complaint comes from the fact that in all the live versions I've heard save maybe one, Sean Never gets the Lyrics right. He always mixes them up in one way or another. I know its a new song, but reherse or something... If he had a problem with this on other songs I would think it was deliberate but even though he purposely changes Lyrics on driven under, which is pretty cool, this does not come across as on purpose, but getting screwed up. If a guitarest played their solo backwards would it be ok? It makes it hard to sing along when you're not sure what verse he's gonna put where)
I heard they did Country Song on Lopez Tonight. Did he get the lyrics right on that performance? It would be funny if he didn't lol. I'm not dissing Seether, I love their album Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces. So honestly I haven't heard Country Song because I haven't had a chance to listen to Disclaimer/Disclaimer II, Karma And Effect, and Holding Strings Better Left To Fray Yet.
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