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1) Prelude
2) Riding On The Wind
3) Heroes End
4) Reckless
5) Hard As Iron
6) Turning Circles
7) Sands Of Time
8) Burnin' Up
9) Subterfuge
10) Eulogy
11) Island Of Domination
12) Bullet Train
13) One Shot At Glory
14) Night Comes Down
15) Last Rose Of Summer
16) Run Of The Mill
17) Steeler
18) Cathedral Spires
19) Bloodsuckers
20) Living After Midnight

I figure you'd have to end with the hit, otherwise, screw that it's a dream! This meets all the 1 song per album requirements, including the Ripper albums of which they are being deceitful, and this puts to shame whatever they are playing now IMO. I'd give seven Vishnu lifetimes to see this.
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