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There are still VIP tickets available for my date. I already got the $60 pack. But I'm strongly considering selling that early admission ticket on craigslist or something, and pony up the money for VIP.

$225. I was gonna pay $30 or $35 for a tour shirt anyway, so thats included. And a signed tour poster. And I get to fucking meet Mikael.

The thing is, I'm making a good amount of money this summer. I can totally afford it. Hell, I'm even probably gonna get an Opeth-themed tattoo within the next year or so. How much longer will Opeth be together? If thy did do VIP packages in the future, would it cost more? Probably. And will I be in the same financial situation years from now and able to afford it? Who knows. This is my one perfect chance to experience my favorite band in the best setting possible. I just wish I hadn't pussied out earlier and and bought the medium-sized ticket.

So what do you guys think? Am I crazy? Or does my argument in my head make sense?
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