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Originally Posted by bt11763 View Post
Holy shit. Although the atmosphere and venue was better last time I saw them, this was nothing short of a religious experience...mostly because i was higher than an eagle's pussy.

The combination of death-doom pioneers Winter and the gods themselves Sleep was a fucking dream. Please see either of these bands if you ever get the chance.

Winter played for about an hour, and although I'm not too familiar with their material, they did play Eternal Frost.

Sleep played a 2 hour set, made up of their longest, most massive songs from their catalog. Not even Terminal 5's notoriety for having shitty sound could ruin them, they sounded great the entire time, although their were some weird pops going on during Winter's set.

Sleep's set is as follows:

First 20 minutes of Dopesmoker
Holy Mountain
Antarticans Thawed
Sonic Titan
From Beyond
The Druid
Nain's Baptism

I feel so fortunate to have been able to see Sleep twice in the past year. Do not give up an opportunity to see them if they come near you.
Where are you getting that from? their sound is notorious for being that of the best in the city... its my favorite venue in the city for sure, the atmosphere/sound/everything makes it awesome. but anyway, that sets pretty rad. nothing i didnt see them play last time around tho. Sleep is fucking amazing live, bummed i couldnt have been at this one
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