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The Blackening. One of the most praised and discussed metal releases of the last decade. Many claim it to be this generation's Master of Puppets while others say it is the most overrated album of this generation. Whichever stand you take, I'd say that it's hard to deny the quality of this release. It's hard to believe that this is the same band that jumped on the Nu Metal bandwagon in the late 90s. The epic arrangements and bone-crushing heaviness of this album does an excellent job of erasing the memories of The Burning Red and Supercharger from our minds (even though I don't really have any about their releases since I was watching Power Rangers and playing my Game Boy when they came out...). It even goes beyond the band's classic debut, Burn My Eyes, their equally solid sophomore effort, The More Things Change, and their critically acclaimed comeback album, Through the Ashes of Empires. The Blackening manages to trump all of these albums, and at the same time reinvent Machine Head's sound for a new generation of metal fans. Many claim MH to be jumping on the thrash bandwagon like they did when Nu Metal was in style, but the sheer excellence of the music makes such a point irrelevant. On The Blackening, the band successfully combines their signature heaviness and grooves with epic arrangements, a great melodic presence (the singing is better than anything Robb Flynn has ever done before), and old-school thrash influences (which isn't surprising, considering both Flynn and lead guitarist Phil Demmel were important members of the classic Bay-Area thrash band, Vio-lence) to create what I am sure is to be a timeless album that will be cherished by metal fans for many years to come.

Standout Track
Clenching the Fists of Dissent
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