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Oh yes. The band/album that turned me into a death metal fan. In my very early metal days (late '05, early '06), I very ignorantly shrugged off death metal as shit and just noise with stupid vocals. I also thought Lamb of God was death metal. As you can tell, I was a moron. As time passed, I started to become more tolerable of screaming vocals (you can thank Slipknot for that, probably), and everything changed for me when I saw a commercial for Cannibal Corpse's then-latest album, KILL, featuring none other than "Make Them Suffer" in it. I remember showing the song to my best friend, who at the time was also getting into teh metalz, and he actually went out and bought the album. I don't remember if I had it on my computer or not, but I do know that while I liked it, I didn't love it back then, as the complexity and chaotic-nature of the music went right over my head at the time. Later that year, I felt that it was about time for me to actually buy one of their damn albums. I saw the video for "Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead" online, so I decided to check out The Bleeding. I remember it clearly; I went to the FYE in the Roosevelt Field Mall in the December of 2006, just a week or two before Christmas, I believe. I had like a 50 dollar gift card or something, so I bought The Bleeding, along with Slayer's South of Heaven and Trivium's The Crusade. The album just blew me away with its heaviness, brutality, and craziness, yet at the same time being memorable and catchy. The Bleeding has to be one of my favorite sounding albums, as it has that raw, old-school feel to it while still having good production values. The guitars are crushing, the bass is prominent, and the vocals aren't buried in the mix. Aside from the quality of the sound, the quality of the songwriting is excellent as well. You have to give Chris Barnes credit for the incredibly catchy and memorable vocal patterns and lyrics on this album (and the best vocal performance of his career, might I add). As I've mentioned before, this album is so great and lasts the test of time because the songs are great and memorable, which isn't something I can say about a whole lot of death metal. Oh, AND THE RIFFS!! Jack Owens' guitar work and Alex Webster's bass work on the early CC albums are just magical in that they capture the feeling of pure insanity, to my ears, at least. And props to Rob Barrett, of course, for being able to actually keep up (sorry, Bob Rusay)! Paul Mazurkiewicz's performance is solid as always. The band would just not be the same without his drumming. I owe my love for death metal to this band and this album, so for that, I say thank you.

tl;dr: Shit's awesome. Listen to it.

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