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The Last Felony -- Rouyn-Noranada, Quebec -- June 24th, 2011

Part of the Abitibi Survival fest. Other bands were Korpius, President, Impalement, Karkaos and Jus de Planète. Great bands but very few people.


Thrashin' the Neighborhood
When the World Burns Down
Les eaux qui dorment (Offenbach cover)
Ignorance Is No Excuse
Raising the Dead
Maximum Overdrive
(new song)
Standards of Failure
Alison Hell (Annihilator cover)

Beyond Creation

No Request for the Corrupted
Chromatic Horizon
Omnipresent Perception
Injustice Revealed
Le Détenteur
The Aura

Insurrection (missing one)

History Repeats Itself
L'empire des vautours
Fear Tomorrow
Festin d'entrailles
Set the World On Fire
Prologue to Our Demise

The Last Felony

We Are Future Housing Developments for Maggots
Critical State
Too Many Humans
A Cathedral of Flesh and Fluids
Starving Your Apathy
Do Not Defend Me
Overrated Existence
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