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Originally Posted by idrinkwine732 View Post
They still were sick as hell. I was disappointed with the short set but I saw it coming. The whole band was on point though, not a beat missed. They were a ton of fun.
Yeah I'm pretty sure 10 minutes of Autopsy is better than most bands full sets. I just don't know how some promoter could give Autopsy less than 40 min. Like, fuck. MDF they played like 20 fucking songs, Chaos in Tejas the incomplete set is still 10 minutes longer than this, and I'm sure every other festival they've played they've gotten an hour long slot. It's just bizarre to me that the local legends who reunite for this amazing fest which name drops the bay area every 5 words get's screwed on their set time. Huge festivals bands get hour slots, and even Rites of Darkness which is smaller than this they get hour slots. It doesn't make sense.
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