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MAKETHEMSUFFER12's Top 10 Favorite Albums

Because we all like making pointless lists to show how cool we think our musical tastes and opinions are, I said "Fuck it! Let's do this!"

So as the title informs you, here comes my top 10 favorite albums and why I like 'em. I'm not sure how often I will update this, but I hope some of you guys enjoy it either way.


Well, where do I start? Many thrash fans would agree that Testament are in the top tier of thrash bands in terms of quality, musicianship, and all-around awesomeness. The band, in my eyes, have not released a single bad album and this one takes the cake for me. This album is pure thrash metal greatness from start to finish. From the eerie(pun intended), mysterious intro to "Eerie Inhabitants", to classic tracks like "Trial by Fire" and "Disciples of the Watch," and an excellent cover of Aerosmith's "Nobody's Fault," this album is an absolute must-have for any metal fan. The production, like Testament's other early releases, is not the best, but at the same time it gives it a special feel. Chuck Billy's vocals are absolutely ferocious, Eric Peterson's style of riffing is unique and instantly recognizable, Alex Skolnick's lead work is leaps and bounds above his peers with a style all his own, and bassist Greg Christian and drummer Louie Clemente are a tight rhythm section. What makes Testament so great on this album is that they take plenty of influence from bands that came before them (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Exodus, etc.), yet they play in a way that is totally their own and unlike any of their peers.

Standout Track:
The New Order
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