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Cryptopsy -- Toronto, Ontario -- June 17th, 2011

  1. Crown of Horns
  2. Worship Your Demons
  3. Slit Your Guts
  4. White Worms
  5. Graves of the Fathers
  6. Defenestration
  7. Abigor
  8. Benedictine Convulsions
  9. Emaciate
  10. We Bleed
  11. Phobophile

From a user of another forum.

Here is a review by another attendee:

Originally Posted by amitoz
okay, just got back from probably the first or second cryptopsy show with JON back in the band

he didnt miss a beat

they played a pretty much completely oldschool set, nothing from unspoken king [CORRECTION: "Worship Your Demons" was played], 1 from once was not and 1 from and then you'll beg. but mostly the first 3 albums, we got benedictine convulsions and slit your guts added back to their setlist after years.

i have to say, matt has SIGNIFICANTLY improved. i had a chance to have a good chat with Youri and he said he kinda coached him and moved him vocally in a direction that seriously holds it own against Lord Worm (pbuh). no more core screaming and singing, he did a GREAT job with his deep growls and zombie shrieks. Youri is beasting it with the backing vocals, he did the legendary endinng Convulsions scream for like 35 seconds because (in his words) Flo decided to do a slower breakdown during it, he wanted to punch Flo in the mouth after haha

chatted about future direction, said Jon came to the table with 4 songs done and him and Youri bounced ideas back and forth and added to them. says jon has been away for some time so he fell in love with death metal again and as jon isnt used to youri's playing their chemistry is superb at the moment they both are challenging each other creatively and their energy to write is producing quality material, he said they are planning an 8 song album (akin to classic death metal albums) and got 5 songs done already. 3 song ep will be out soon and it will be the last century media release before they go independent.

youri said he hated the deathcore stuff, as the album was already written before he joined, says hes pumped as an oldschool fan to go forward in a direction thats more rooted in classic cryptopsy

best part of the shows was that Matt put the microphone into my face a bunch of times so i can HURGH URGH HURGH to the NSV songs. amazing
Here is a video of them playing "Slit Your Guts" from the show, and Matt actually does sound really good:

When reading about them planning to record a new album, I really didn't expect much. I figured that the band would once again fail miserably, but hopefully not as bad as the last time. However, after reading this review I am thinking there may be hope that Cryptopsy will make a comeback. I'm not expecting an incredible album, but if they at least pull out something decent it will be a huge step in the right direction, and perhaps they will regain a fair amount of the fans that have abandoned them. Part of me wants to get excited about this, but the other part is still very wary.
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