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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
Sweeeeet. I don't know how early I'll be able to show up since I got work, but we'll see.
Chances are Tony will be there, he was at the Vital merch booth at my show and I got a pic with him. I also met him the first time I saw saw them but it was a small bar so the whole band was basically hanging out around their booth. I met the new vocalist at that show too.

And Tony was also down at the Vital booth after Origin finished their set and Jason raced down to the Origin booth to start selling stuff. John was also at the Origin booth at the beginning of the show and I saw Mike hanging around the bar at one point, so the band members were very accessible.

I wish I could've met Erik though. I should've checked the merch booths after they finished their set to see if he was down there.

Originally Posted by the chewbacca defense View Post
No Behold Judas?
That's not the full setlist, so they probably played it. They played it at the show I went to and all the European dates that were posted on

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