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After two weeks of this cd I conclude this-

Fear is the Weakness, Ropes, A New Dawn, Darker Times are the only songs I can really see myself listening to in the future.

Despite this, I am fairly confident since In Flames is so good at picking the worst songs of albums to play live and make videos for that joining deliver us will be Where the Dead Ships Dwell, Liberation, The Puzzle, and probably SOAPF as well for live songs/videos.

Compared to ASOP which was utter shit this album is really good. Compared to CC, Soundtrack, and Reroute this album is just ok. Compared to everything Clayman and earlier this album is still shit.

Blew my expectations away after the disaster of ASOP, catchy songs, and a new dawn is maybe their most promising song in 5 years... for what i expected im okay with this album
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