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Originally Posted by BrutalDescent View Post
Oh god, that. It's like a plague - any time I attempt to form a band with ONE of my friends who plays guitar/bass, ALL OF THEM ASK TO BE IN IT. It's like, "No, man, my band won't have four guitarists. No, we're not going to trade off solos. NO, WE AREN'T FUCKING IRON MAIDEN. SHUT UP."
You play drums? If so, you're lucky. I remember my friends and I always wanted to form bands growing up, but I was only ever in 1 because we could never find drummers. I knew like, 100 guitarists/bassists, but no drummers...

Hopefully though, I'll be in a metal band in the next couple of weeks! I actually have a friend who does decent vocals, and we found a drummer. I have absolutely no idea what we'll sound like though... the vocalist is a huge Ensiferum/Witersun fan, so I gotta work on my sweep arpeggios
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