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Originally Posted by bigguytoo9 View Post
HEART!!!! the true talent on this tour IMO. Wilson sisters never stop rocking.
I agree Heart rocks and Nancy Wilson is no doubt the most talented musician on this tour. But once you get past the big hit singles Def Leppard is a very good band as well. They've got good song depth on most of their albums.

Originally Posted by NickLed19 View Post
Heart starts at 7:50....they play until 9. Def Lep comes on at 9:30
My ticket says 730. Is their someone on before Heart? As far as i'm conserned both Heart and Lep should get 90 mins each.

Originally Posted by NickLed19 View Post
I liked it as the opener. I would much rather hear Rock Rock though. I also liked the long version of Rocket, it was pretty awesome.
It's not a bad tune. Maybe live it sounds thicker and louder but the production on the studio version is not very good. I would prefer Rock Rock, LIT or Stagefrieght as the opener. I still think they'll change it though. I remember on the Slang tour they started the shows with Gift Of Flesh but about a month later they changed the opener to Rock Rock. The reason was the band said GOF wasn't getting a reaction from the crowd as the starting song. I see Undefeated going the same route. It'll just get moved to like fourth or something and LGR will open the show.
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