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Forbidden -- Chicago, IL -- June 21st, 2011

Show was at Reggies. Forbidden had came here back in November with Evile, Gama Bomb and Bonded by Blood, and in my opinion I liked that lineup better but the show tonight was great from all the bands I saw. There weren't a lot of people there for a Reggies show, it was the same deal the last time Forbidden came through. Usually thrash shows draw a lot of people from Chicago but for Forbidden it's weird... Anyway, onto the bands.

The first band was a local one, Atomize. I only watched 2 songs and then went outside. From what I saw, they weren't bad. I don't have a lot of respect for them though because of the Diamond Plate incident. I can't find the video but during one of their songs when they were playing Reggies (I want to say a year ago but I'm not sure at all) one of the guys from Atomize who used to be in DP and another guy stormed the stage in the middle of a song and threw Atomize flyers all over the place. That shit is just uncalled for and it's hard to have respect for people who do that. But on with the review.

Havok was next and they were really good. I had high expectations and it's good to know that they met them. They also sound a lot better live than on album, but then again the production for their first album Burn is questionable. They said they'll probably be back in the fall. If you have the opportunity to see them, do it, it's worth it!

Havok set list:

No Amnesty
Scumbag in Disguise
Morbid Symmetery
Covering Fire

White Wizzard was next but I was outside hanging with people during their entire set, I didn't even know that they were on until the end. Revocation was after them and were the main reason I was at this show. I gotta say, they had to be the best band that night. I knew this was coming but they just blew everyone away. David Davidson is a fucking monster on the guitar, never before have I seen someone solo and high five people in the crowd! Do NOT miss the opportunity to see these guys live, you'll be missing out on a lot!

Revocation set list:

Cradle Robber (new song)
Age of Iniquity
Dismantle the Dictator
Conjuring the Cataclysm (new song)

Forbidden was up last and they didn't disappoint. They were great when I saw them last year and they still were tonight! I'm surprised the singer can still pull off his high pitched screams! They played a fairly long set, about an hour and a half. By the time they came on there really weren't a lot of people left in the venue. I'm guessing that it's a Tuesday night, they came on at 11:15 and people have to work in the morning. But they still put on a hell of a show for everyone else. They changed up the set list a lot from last year but I was happy with it now.

Forbidden set list:

Forsaken at the Gates
Off the Edge
Forbidden Evil
Step by Step
Adapt or Die
Dragging My Casket
Twisted Into Form
March Into Fire
Omega Wave
Through Eyes of Glass
Chalice of Blood

Overall, it was a fun time. I still think Revocation wins for best band of the night but Havok and Forbidden were amazing as well.
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