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@Key Club

Abysmal Dawn (Missing 3-4 songs)

1. Programmed to Consume
2. Pixilated Ignorance
3. In Service of Time

Vital Remains

1. Where Is Your God Now (intro)
2. Icons of Evil
3. Savior to None, Failure for All
4. Hammer Down the Nails
5. Let the Killing Begin (intro)
6. Dechristianize

Hate Eternal (Missing a song, I think it was Catacombs though. Might be a tiny bit out of order in the middle as well)

1. Rebirth
2. The Eternal Ruler
3. Thorns Of Acacia
4. Behold Judas
5. Lake Ablaze
6, Bringer of Storms
7. Haunting Abound
8. The Art of Redemption
9. Phoenix Amongst the Ashes
10. Tombeau (Le Tombeau de la Fureur et des Flammes)
11. I, Monarch
12. King of All Kings

Origin (4-11 are out of order, missing a few songs (EDIT: Added two missing songs and Staring From the Abyss confirmed))

1. Expulsion of Fury
2. Purgatory
3. Conceiving Death
4. The Aftermath
5. Implosion of Eternity
6. Wrath of Vishnu
7. Finite
8. Vomit You Out
9. Staring From the Abyss
10. Swarm
11. Saligia
12. Antithesis (without the outro solo )
13. Portal

EDIT: This review ended up being pretty long, sorry about that.

I don't even know where to start with this amazing show, I guess I'll just do band-by-band breakdowns.

Abysmal Dawn was the first band up. I don't know their stuff that well aside from their new album, but they put on a pretty good show. The crowd was lifeless throughout most of their set, but that is just the nature of the opening band. The frontman had a funny comment introducing the band and their opening song: "It's Monday night, your life sucks, you're all gonna die, and you're Programmed to Consume". Overall it was a solid set for them.

Vital Remains was up next. I had seen Vital Remains once before at a very shitty bar that is not fit for concerts, but it was still a good experience due to the craziness of the crowd. At this show the sound was much better, and whoever they had playing lead guitar did a better job than their fill-in for the show I went to before.

The vocalist (Scott Wily) brought the energy level up a few notches when he started boosting people onto the stage for stage diving, and after that there was constant stage diving throughout the remainder of their set, something I had not seen at Key Club the past two shows I attended there. Because Scott was telling the security to let people come up they were permitting the stage diving, and that made their set much more intense. The crowd was definitely into them, there were a number of "Vital! Vital! Vital!" chants throughout their set, even a "Tony!" chant. I was also able to get a picture with Tony at the merch booth, I also got a picture with him at the other show as well. It's a bummer that I'll probably never get to see Dave Suzuki perform with Vital, but their performance was still good without him.

Next up, to my surprise, was Hate Eternal. I knew about the rotating headliners, but I thought Hate Eternal was going to headline this show. After the fact though, I'm glad Origin ended up being the headliner (I'll get to that later), especially since Hate Eternal ended up playing about an hour as well anyways. I was very happy that they played 6 (7 including the intro) songs off the new album, as it is my favorite album of this year so far. Their set was great but there was no stage diving. Erik also had some technical problems with his guitar for the first half of the set, but mostly during Haunting Abound as his guitar started cutting in and out during that song. Erik and co. definitely did not disappoint, but the energy level of the crowd was just no where near what it was for Origin.

And now for the final band, Origin. Holy. Fucking. Shit. They blew me the fuck away and tore the place apart. First of all, let me just say that they made a great decision recruiting Jason Keyser to replace James Lee. He is an amazing live frontman, he got shit going crazy. He got people stage diving and gave the clear to the security guards, and that opened the floodgates for a constant barrage of stage divers. At one point, after thanking the security guards for their work, he even got one of the security guards to crowd surf at the beginning of one of their songs. Jason was a significant reason why their set was so amazing, and though James is a great vocalist, this show wouldn't have been the same with him.

It got so crazy that at one point, during Wrath of Vishnu, one of the divers/crowd surfers was catapulted by the crowd onto the ground, landed on his head, and was knocked out cold. I didn't actually see it happen as I was fixated on the stage/band at the time, but this brought an end to the stage diving unfortunately. The next few people that got up on stage were grabbed by security immediately and no one else attempted to get up there after that.

Jason was also getting right up in everyone's faces near the front during the set, and sticking the mic into the crowd. He stuck the mic right in my face for "I am become death, the destroyer of worlds" during Antithesis, and that was an awesome moment.

With all this talk about Jason I've kinda neglected the rest of the band, but Paul, Mike, and John all did fantastic jobs of course. The only disappointing aspect of their set was that Paul cut out the outro solo for Antithesis. Paul also had some problems with his guitar cutting in and out similar to Erik during Antithesis. But aside from that, their set was classic, one of the best performances I've witnessed. And I caught a drumstick from John! I nearly got a pick from Erik as well, but didn't react fast enough to grab it and it got lost on the floor.

The Bottom Line is: If you're into Death Metal, and have the opportunity to see this tour, you'd be crazy to pass it up!

EDIT: I also forgot to mention that Jason even stage dived into the crowd himself a couple of times.

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