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Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post
I dunno, maybe I'm more sensitive than most to this situation, because the Caps are often in the same boat (in terms of people saying "they dominated the game, even though they lost"). It's slightly different, since goaltending is rarely a serious problem for us, but I think it's a simplistic excuse that ignores more pressing issues and mistakes.
While I agree totally with Maiden as a Caps fan also it was easy to see why we lost to Tampa. They sinply wanted it more. They skated circles around us, beating us to every loose puck and just looking like they were in total desperation mode the entire series. Ovie needs to stay out of the bars and hopefully next year someone else steps up. So many players vanished during that series that it was sickening to me.

I'm not trying to give 100% of the credit to Tim Thomas but 70% isn't far off. He was beyond incredible. 4-0 doesn't mean much to me when if Vancouver had just scored 1 of those early "incredible save" goals it would have changed the entire flow of the game. Once they got down 2-0 they knew they were done. Just my 2 cents.
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