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Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post
Wow. First off, you need to sit down and take a deep breath if you're that pissed off about a silly photo. Maybe channel that anger to the douchenozzles that trashed the city instead.

Secondly, you can talk about scoring chances all you want, but I can't possibly see how you can say that a team that was outscored 23-8 in the series "dominated." Yes, Tim Thomas was the difference maker, but you can't put everything on the goalies. When you lose 8-1, you have problems that go far beyond goaltending.
As far as the photo when I posted my thoughts initially it was more out of disgust that I was going to have to hear the origin and the bullshit story that was going to be sold to the media to get them on every talkshow in North America. Never in a million years did I expect someone to drink the kool aid and buy that idiotic story and defend these assclowns. So when I read that my disgust turned to bewilderment actually.

You can talk goal numbers but the shots on goal and especially QUALITY shots on goal was a total landslide. My point was if Thomas were the Goalie for Vancouver the series might not go 6 games. He made magnificent save after magnificent save. Luongo on the other hand was a total sieve.
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