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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
I've seen them on 4 shows now discussing this and how natural it was. Seriously? Sheep! I don't give a fuck what the story was it was not a heat of the moment moment it was a let's get on Dr. Phil moment and it worked masterfully because people are naive sheep. Don't be fooled Dude. Who does that? Seriously think about it. Would you help your girlfriend up or pick her up and get the fuck out of there or would you look up, see cameras and make a kodak moment? Do you really think they didn't know cameras were there? Really Dude?

As far as the series Vancouver totally dominated in my eyes. They has so many chances to score and anything but the best goalie on the planet lets up at least 3 goals that last game. Thomas was amazing and if he wasn't on a whole nother level, vancouver wins that series all day. He was other worldly! One of the best goaltending performances I've ever seen. My respect level for that guy couldn't possibly be higher right now.
Wow. First off, you need to sit down and take a deep breath if you're that pissed off about a silly photo. Maybe channel that anger to the douchenozzles that trashed the city instead.

Secondly, you can talk about scoring chances all you want, but I can't possibly see how you can say that a team that was outscored 23-8 in the series "dominated." Yes, Tim Thomas was the difference maker, but you can't put everything on the goalies. When you lose 8-1, you have problems that go far beyond goaltending.
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