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Originally Posted by BrutalDescent View Post

1. Introbra
2. Bring It Back
3. Gold Cobra
4. Shark Attack
5. Get A Life / Interlude 1
6. Shotgun
7. Douche Bag
8. Walking Away
9. Loser / Interlude 2
10. Autotunage
11. 90.2.10 / Interlude 3
12. Why Try
13. Killer In You

Bonus edition tracks:
14. Back Porch
15. My Own Cobain
16. Angels

Best Buy Bonus edition tracks:
17. Middle Finger (w/ Paul Wall)

Mark my words, this album will get no coverage whatsoever.
Not even Metal Sucks or Blabbermouth will review this. The 'long-awaited' Limp Bizkit album will go unnoticed, and Fred Durst will whine about how it's just ahead of it's time.
You just covered it here. I kept it alive by posting about it.

But yeah this album will not be a failure in 2011, because it will do what everyone expects...suck!
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