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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
Huh. Was this a headliner? At least they closed with A Steady Decline, I fucking love that song.

I'm almost 100% sure they're gonna do a headlining run this fall/winter in the states for In Dreams. Personally... I'd be fine if they just played songs from only Rareform. In Dreams was alright, but nothing special. And fuck Pendulum, that song sucks balls.

AND from all the songs from Forging a Future Self, why do they always choose Fingers Like Daggers? There are much, MUCH better songs off of that record.
It seems like most of the metalcore/deathcore bands play short sets for whatever reason.

When they tour for In Dreams I don't think I will be in attendance because the album is shit (aside from a couple songs), but it's nice to see that their set isn't dominated by it. And they don't always play "Fingers Like Daggers". They tend to switch it out with "The Forfeit", "Forging A Future Self", and "Isolation Theory". The last time I saw them they played "The Forfeit".
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