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Originally Posted by cristianrock View Post

Venue: Copenhell

1. The Grand Conjuration
2. Deliverance
3. Face Of Melinda
4. The Lotus Eater
5. In My Time Of Need
6. Master's Apprentices
7. The Drapery Falls
8. Hex Omega

Deliverance back in now, and for the second spot a little weird because in the most part of the second leg watershed tour they used as a closure...but it's nice to see two songs from "Deliverance"

if they put Demon of the Fall as final song I'll be glad
Also on the Ghost Reveries tour when I saw them.

Considering I have seen all but the Watershed songs on here. I guess I won't be too disappointed if I do in fact have to miss this tour. Don't get me wrong this set is badass, but all things considered I'll be seeing a few of these songs for the 3rd time, where as I have yet to see Enslaved/Alcest/Ghost ever. And that show is 4 days before Opeth.
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