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Originally Posted by jd091 View Post
Hmm. Astute point. I've noticed that too, but I understand how in situations it's (see what I did there) a little out of the way to include a apostrophe. You could be on a smartphone, or just working on typing faster. You're just lazy. With the misconception of they're, their, and there, it implies a larger grammar misconception of the person's mind rather than a common laziness. A much more heinous crime, no?
Yes, exactly. Personally the biggest crime in my book is 'would of.' Offenders may defend themselves by saying "that's how people pronounce out loud, so I got confused," but I can't forgive that one at all for two reasons.

1) When people say it out loud they are pronouncing the contraction 'would've.' Everyone should be familiar with contractions.
2) You can't use 'of' before a active present tense verb (not -ing). That doesn't make any grammatical sense whatsoever.
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